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We're just enjoying life and taking shaved ice to the next level

Our passion at Rainbow Yeti is highlighting the season's best fruits and the finest natural ingredients, to craft the world's best shaved ice, slushees and more! Our founder is a professionally trained pastry chef with over a decade of experience making high-volume ice cream, high-end desserts, and everything in between. Her philosophy surrounding food has always been to take the magnificent, and make it accessible for everyday enjoyment. We believe that if you do something really well, you don't have to make it complicated; and that's exactly how we approach every day, and every bite, at Rainbow Yeti. We are born out of a love for the freedom of the road, the challenge of a new setting every day, and the chance to meet new people and bring joy, happiness, and a bit of COOL to their days. We love to laugh, have fun and make the best of every day.

We take our food seriously; ourselves, not so much


Mother nature brings the flavor, we bring the rest

So what exactly is it that we do? The basis of our business is our all-fruit flavors. Sometimes we call them syrups, but that term isn't entirely accurate. These aren't syrups as you probably think of them. They aren't the artificially-flavored, ubiquitous bottles on a coffee-shop counter; and they certainly aren't the sickly-sweet and food dye-saturated "flavors" at your typical shaved ice stand.


Our flavors are made from 100% real fruit. We take fresh, seasonal delights and clean, chop, blend, boil and strain them out to create delicious purees and juices. We add a very minimal amount of natural cane sugar to each juice batch based on the natural sugar content of the fruit itself (it's sciencey, and we like it like that). When you taste our flavors over a cup of fluffy shaved ice, or mixed into a cocktail-inspired handcrafted slushee, you'll taste the difference right away. These aren't the sugar bombs you might be expecting. They are slightly tart, super refreshing, all natural, and oh so COOL!


We use our flavors to create health-conscious treats that are dairy and gluten free. In fact, we can cater to a large variety of dietary concerns and restrictions, just ask us! 



What is it?

We live in Colorado. We love our ice cream shops and fancy popsicles. But have you ever tried shaved ice? Ask your local transplant from Hawaii or California, and they'll soon be raving about the wonder that is shaved ice. What other treat combines very little guilt, a soft, almost creamy texture, the freshness of fruits, and without the heaviness of a dairy-laden cup of ice cream? Shaved ice is truly summer's best friend! 

Ok, isn't that a sno-cone? Well, sort of. The idea is the same, a cup of ice with a fruit flavor on top. But not all are created equal. You just gotta look at the ice itself. If it's bigger, chunky, kind of crunchy, and requires a hearty chew, that's a crushed-ice sno-cone. These are made by crushing up ice cubes and they just aren't that good.

True shaved ice starts with a large, solid block of ice. The ice is then shaved with a sharp blade at a slight angle. This allows for teeny-tiny layers of ice to be shaved from the block. The result is a super fluffy, fine, snow-like texture that feels almost creamy on your tongue. Pair it with our real-fruit flavors, and that's a combination that'll beat any heat!

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